It’s important to note that although the NISUS DSV chemical is used by Consolidated Pest Control, this company does not offer sanitization or disinfection of areas affected by the novel coronavirus. However, Consolidated Pest Control does use this chemical to sanitize areas affected by pests when needed.

The pandemic of the world is something that is challenging for all of us. Everyone is interested in what chemical kills coronavirus. Prevention should be your priority as it is key to the spread of the virus. However, sanitization or disinfection of infected areas is important to its containment. In this article, we will be focusing on a chemical that kills the coronavirus and other viruses transmitted by pests.

Coronavirus is rampant throughout the world. It is likely that you and your family have prepared for it in some way. Maybe you now have to work from home. The stores near you may have empty shelves. Even your news channel is reminding everyone to stay safe. Can you be protected?

Let’s break it down.

Coronavirus Origins 

Now, in order to understand what chemical kills coronavirus, you have to understand where it came from. According to the CDC, the coronavirus started with a common pest: the bat. You can typically find some form of coronavirus in bats. By the way, if you have mosquitos you likely have bats nearby.

Bats carry over 100 communicable diseases that can affect other animals and even humans. When these pests form in large populations, or they come in contact with other humans or animals, it is possible to transmit one of these diseases.

This was the case with coronavirus. An individual came into contact with an infected bat. Consequently, it caused a virus to transition from an animal-based virus to a human virus. His human immune system had a difficult time fighting the threat. As a result, he contracted a highly contagious virus. As he went about his day, he unknowingly infected everything he came in contact with.

This rapid transition infected citizens in China with this virus within a matter of days. It has now become a global pandemic which is why companies around the world are looking for what chemical kills coronavirus.


Your question: What chemical kills coronavirus and more?

Consolidated Pest Control technicians have been using a chemical called NISUS DSV to sanitize areas infected by disease carrying pests such as rats. As a general pesticide, it is used by your commercial businesses for sanitization and disinfection purposes. It is rated to kill numerous viruses, diseases, germs and bacteria that can live on hard surfaces in your daily environment. This includes coronavirus.

The NISUS DSV product became EPA approved on March 13, 2020. That is to say, their chemical met EPA standards and was officially listed as a coronavirus sanitizer. Today, NISUS DSV has special resources dedicated to killing the coronavirus.

As you research, you may read that NISUS DSV is not recommended for “fogging”. Interestingly enough, fogging chemicals can lead to incomplete sanitization of your property. For instance, a technician could miss the underside of a hand rail or the side of a desk. There is also the potential that the product could dry too soon to do its job.

You don’t need to worry. Technicians know what chemical kills coronavirus and how important it is. When applying the chemical they are sure to be patient and thorough, using an application method best suited for the circumstance at hand.

Protection From Pests

Again, while Consolidated Pest Control offers many services, sanitization of the novel coronavirus is not one of them. However, we can help you with protecting businesses and homes from the pests that can cause these types of diseases. You can prevent the likelihood of illness by scheduling regular pest control services.

If you have a need for pest control services in your home or business, contact Consolidated Pest Control today to see how we can help you.