Indoor Pest Control Services

Would you like to protect your family and home from invading pests without exposing them to pesticide inside your home?

Kill the bugsWith our exterior perimeter treatment done on a quarterly basis by our trained professionals we can stop most insects before they ever get inside your home. This prevention method includes treating the outside perimeter walls, around the foundation, under the eaves, around windows, door jambs and any other openings that pests may use to enter your home.

RoachWe form an invisible line of defense between you and the insects. Instead of waiting until the bugs emerge from holes in the floorboards or crawl out of dark cabinet corners, slip into the shower with you, or scurry across the kitchen floor we eliminate the problem where it begins and keep those pests where they belong; outside!

Our technicians spray the perimeter of each client’s residence with a treatment that repels all manner of household pests.

Keep pesky bugs from infiltrating your residence. Call Consolidated Land Care today for pest control inside and out!

SpiderWe control the common household pests such as Sugar ants, Ghost ants, Pharaoh ants, Carpenter ants, and Roaches. We also control Spiders and Wasps by sweeping webs and knocking down nests. When it is necessary to treat inside we strictly minimize the amount of product applied. We use baits and gels out of sight and spot treat only where necessary. Quarterly exterior treatments mean inside treatments have to be done only once annually. We also control many of the less common types of pests. These may include Carpenter Bees, Millipedes, Indian Meal Moths, or Fleas and Ticks, to name a few. It takes more than just spray to deal with these creatures, it takes knowledge.


Indoor Pest Control Starting at $85.00
Quarterly Perimeter Starting at $65.00

Visit the University of Florida’s entomology website for mode information about Florida’s pests:

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