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New Water Restrictions?

We can help! Consolidated Pest Control now offers Hydretain.

Warm temperatures, little rainfall, and water restrictions make it difficult to keep plants from entering into drought stress. Hydretain reduces evaporative loss and makes more water available to the plant, resulting in lower water requirements and less stress for both you and your landscapes.

Watch your lawn for Hot Spots or Heat Stress.

These areas may need more water than other areas due to:

  • Heavy direct sunlight that may cause poor water retention in that soil.
  • Weak irrigation coverage due to leaky old heads or blockage.

If these areas remain stressed for too long turf damage can occur. If you’d like to have Hydretain applied, please reach out today.

For more information, please click here.

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Consolidated’s lawn fertilization service combines preventative and curative solutions to keep your lawn healthy and green all year long.


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