Although Valrico has relatively warm weather all-year long, winter could be the worst time of year for this sort of infestation. As soon as the temperatures get chilly and their food sources become low, mice believe they’re able to cuddle with human beings. After they come inside, you might have a harder time implementing proper rodent control, therefore you should be pro-active in order to stop them from entering your home from the start.

Carefully Store Your Food

Mice will be quick to consume whatever food left around, and they will drink and nibble food left out for your pets. When you keep food in air-tight canisters inside your kitchen pantry, mice will have a you’ll get them to be less appealing to rats or rodents.

Take the Trash Out & Put It Far Away From Your Home

The garbage could is a spot that rats adore. As soon as the weather is cold, people hate to go outdoors to take their garbage out. However, this will also help you to keep rodents away from home. Go and take trash outside every evening before going to sleep, as well as keep your exterior trash bins from your home. Retaining the garbage inside an airtight compartment is best.

Get Rid of Entry Points

While you are not able to reside in an airtight bubble, there are things you can do to reduce entry points for the rats or rodents. Examine the flooring and wall space around dryer as well as electrical pipes for cracks that will permit access to rats. Alternative ways rats could get entry is through an attic space. Buy some metal wool to place inside the holes – it’s a inexpensive as well as efficient way to help keep mice out.

Contact us if you have an active infestation. We can help access your situation and create a comprehensive plan.

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