Florida winter is in maximum overdrive this year. Which means that the temperature is bouncing between 40 and 85 degrees and pollen is already a problem. This also means that spring is not too far around the corner. With spring comes the season of spring lawn maintenance. Time to help your lawn recover from the mild chill of Florida winter. This week we are exploring spring lawn maintenance. Read on to learn why spring lawn maintenance is so important as well as what tasks are important to maintenance.

The Importance Of Spring Lawn Maintenance

Lawns in Florida go through a lot of trials and tribulations. Scorching sun, heavy rains, debris and damage from hurricane season. Then Florida “winter” that has cold snaps followed by spikes in heat. It is not an ideal environment for humans, and we have air conditioning and heaters. Your lawn doesn’t have those protections.

Spring lawn maintenance helps your lawn recover from all of those rough conditions. It is important to remember that maintenance is cheaper than replacing a lawn entirely. Consistent maintenance means that your home is aesthetically pleasing, and ultimately it is easier on your wallet.

Start Watering In The Evening

The evening is the best time to water your lawn in warmer weather. In the winter, homeowners can get away with watering more in the middle of the day. The lower temperatures and increased cloud coverage make this possible. Once temperatures increase again and the sun comes out, it is time to shift back. Remember that watering in the morning often leads to the water evaporating as soon as the sun comes out.

Consult Your Lawn Care Professionals

Your lawn care professionals know what problems are common in your area after winter is over. Perhaps a certain type of bug becomes more prominent. Or maybe your irrigation timers need to shift to accommodate the time change. Whatever the issue, your local lawn care professional can help. Use someone you trust for your lawn maintenance this spring.

Prepare For Mosquitoes

Unfortunately, in Florida, warmer weather means a dramatic uptick in the mosquito population. These buzzing pests have the potential to use your lawn as a breeding ground, which makes any further maintenance awful. Nobody wants to trim the lawn and get hit by a swarm of mosquitoes.

Take precautions such as eliminating standing bodies of water – a mosquito’s breeding ground – before breeding season starts. Additionally, spray your lawn against all pests for an added layer of protection. If you have a dedicated gardener in your house, research plants that repel mosquitoes and attract insects such as butterflies. Oftentimes, those sorts of plants thrive in a spring garden, and they add to the aesthetic of the home too!