As many Floridians living in Valrico and the surrounding areas know, lawns full of St. Augustine grass can be both blessings and curses. The grass is perfect for use in sandy, moist, saline rich soil with varying pH levels and areas where periods of high heat and drought are common. Those are just some of the reasons why Valrico residents love it.

The “curses” come from the select weeds, turf diseases, lawn pests, thatch problems, fertilization and irrigation needs that are known to be affiliated with it. The list of unwanted plants, disease and pests known to crop up in Valrico residents’ St. Augustine grass clad lawns includes, but isn’t confined to the following:

  • Southern Cinch Bugs, Nematodes and Mole Crickets
  • Grey Leaf Spot , Pythium Root Rot and Brown Patch
  • Fairy Ring, Slime Mold and Dollar Spot
  • Annual bluegrass and Chickweed
  • Wild Violets and Wild onion
  • Crabgrass and Nut Sedge

They often crop up do to improper lawn maintenance, which is where issues like fertilization, mowing, routine pest control and irrigation come into play. Thankfully, all of those negatives may be easily overcome with the aid of our Consolidated Pest Control pros.

Our St. Augustine grass experts can help by providing monthly services, like lawn spraying, fertilization, weed, disease and pest control. So Valrico lawns are less apt to be overrun with undesirable elements. There are also other things that Valrico residents may want to do too. Among them are scheduling thatch removal and mowing services to keep the grass at a maximum height of 4-inches.

To discover more solutions to common St. Augustine grass problems, please contact us at Consolidated Pest Control in Plant City. We’ve been serving Valrico residents’ lawn care needs for years. And new customers currently have the opportunity to get their third lawn treatment for nothing more than a satisfied smile.

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