Do I Need a Professional For Pests

There’s a significant movement these days surrounding self-reliance. Maybe people have been burned by fly-by-night services too often, or they are just enjoying the rewarding feeling of solving their problems without a professional. It’s a tale as old as time – A consumer sees a problem and thinks it’ll be an easy fix. They spend a little money, and the small problem explodes into something expensive in no time. Does this sound like you? Sometimes, giving it a shot is fine – Nothing wrong with a learning experience.

With pest control, however, this can be a significant mistake. We’ve prepared this article to tell you exactly when to call a professional.

Why Call a Professional for Pests?

It’s no secret that good housekeeping and regular maintenance can reduce pests. Some problems, however, require a lot more attention. Many pests occupy walls or places homeowners can’t get to. There may be an additional problem you’re not trained to notice. Some situations are too expensive, complex, and stressful for you to tackle on your own – And that’s okay. This article is going to cover those emergencies.

Bed Bugs

These pests are hard to kill, even for some pest control companies. We used to need harsh chemicals like DDT, and now that they’re banned, the population has exploded.

They are tiny, great at hiding, and their eggs are nearly impossible to detect. For the average homeowner, getting rid of them isn’t possible alone. If you notice bites – Especially in a row of three bites – You may have bed bugs. You usually see the bites first. If you find blood on your pillows, sheets, or near exposed skin, it’s time to call an exterminator. If you see one bed bug, rest assured: You HAVE more.

Stinging Insects

Hornets and wasps can be dangerous to remove, even with small nests. Fire ants represent another real danger. You might get lucky and knock down a nest without getting stung more than a couple of times, but then what? They might still find a way into your home to start a new nest. Even if you aren’t allergic enough, stings can send you to the hospital, and sometimes people don’t make it and pass away. Trying to get rid of stinging insects on your own isn’t worth the risk.

Wood Boring Pests

While this often refers to termites or carpenter ants, this can refer to mice as well. Anything that digs into your home itself isn’t going to go away easy. These pests can all cause costly damage to your home, and they never stop. With carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and termites, there is the added problem of rapid reproduction. Visit our website to learn more about these pests and the problems they cause. They create more young than mice, and they can expand about as quickly.

Any Repeat Infestation

Call us if you’ve busted the problem for one season or had professional treatment before but still find the pests coming back. At Consolidated Pest Control, we take a “full package” approach to ensuring your problems don’t come back. Chances are, what you killed was only a part of a more significant infestation. Without getting at the root of the issue, you could lose a lot of peace and money.

Don’t wait. If you have any of these problems, call Consolidated Pest Control today.

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