Nothing says picture perfect like a warm spring day where the leaves are returning onto the trees and the April showers are bringing life to the May flowers. With the return of all this beauty, however, comes the return of the ugly.

Mosquitoes are a common household pest that most everyone is familiar with. They’re relentless bloodsuckers, stopping at nothing until they’ve had their fill and you’re left with itchy skin or diseases. A simple trek through your own backyard during the summer can leave you with itchy red bumps. With spring comes the inevitable return of those ever present pests that invite themselves to every picnic, pool party and cookout.

But fortunately, there are ways to manage these unwanted pests before they manage you!

Knowing a mosquitoes habitat is a key component to getting rid of them by spotting the larvae before it’s too late. Mosquitoes are attracted to marshy environments with plenty of water for them to lay their eggs. Because mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water, make sure all surrounding stagnant water is overturned. Existing eggs or larvae will die and there will be one less breeding ground for these pests.

Stagnant water is often found in empty containers that has been filled with rain, such as empty flower pots, uncovered bins and dog bowls.

Like many other insects, mosquitoes are attracted to light. So if you’re looking to go mosquito hunting to catch them by surprise with some repellent, using a light source will bring them out from their hiding places in masses.

The most effective method of ridding yourself of mosquitoes is hiring a company to repel them for you. Consolidated Pest Control is dedicated to eradicating unwanted pests from your household. If you’re ready to embrace spring without the fear mosquitoes bring, contact us today!

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