6 Ways to Insect Proof a Home

Nobody enjoys seeing any sort of bug in their home, whether it is a moth, spider, or earwig. In order to keep out these unwanted pests, take preventative steps to ensure that they stay outdoors and away from your home.

  1. Keep the door closed. This is the most basic step, but many of us invite bugs indoors during the summer by keeping back doors open to the yard. Getting a well-maintained screen door can keep the pests out. For dog-owners, installing a dog-door can help enormously. Some dog doors even have advanced to where a dog can open it with a proximity chip on the collar. Once outside, the dog door closes to a sealed position rather than swinging back and forth.
  2. Install a door sweep. This, plus weather-stripping will provide a seal around your door. You can also consider getting a sturdy steel threshold under the door: combine it with the sweep for extra protection.
  3. Inspect the outside for cracks and holes Bugs can get into the most remarkably tiny space and call it home. Use a critical eye to closely check out the area. Once any cracks or holes are found, use a good outdoor caulk to seal up the area.
  4. Keep the kitchen clean Dirty dishes, open trash, and old fruit are the sirens’ call to bugs. Clean up dirty dishes, or set them in the dishwasher for later use. Make sure that any trash containing food is covered with a firm closing lid. Also, maintain a firm schedule for any fruit kept on the counters. If it has been a week, either eat it or throw it away. It’s only going to rot and grow pungent. This all holds true for pet food as well. It’s best to keep dry dog or cat food in a sealed container. Bags – especially large ones – tear easily and bugs can crawl in, which will also render the food inedible.
  5. Check your yard for debris Whether it is trash or leaves, make sure that they are cleared up and removed. This type of yard clutter is not only unsightly, it makes for a perfect insect breeding ground.
  6. Regularly check crawl spaces or basements These aren’t the places you automatically think of cleaning, but ensuring that there are no leaks, spills, or clutter can help remove any potential bug infestation issues.

If you appear to have a chronic issue with insects then it may be time to call in the professionals. Sometimes one visit is all that is needed. Even a call to the pros can be helpful by just asking for advice. Please contact us if you have any questions about insect-proofing your home and ensuring that it stays as comfortable for you as possible.