How to Prevent Spiders

Of all the pests that bother us, few are as troublesome for people as these insects. Other pests get into our food, spread disease, and cause damage, but what about spiders? They’re creepy! Their webs attract dirt and more bugs; they get caught in your hair… And it’s never fun reaching into a drawer and hearing the rip of a spider web. If you’re anything like us, you’d prefer it if these hard to control pests stayed outside. Learning how to keep them out will help life go a lot smoother than just getting rid of the ones you see. Just image: Never having to squish or trap another spider ever again…

It might be a lofty goal, but these tips can help make it a reality.

How to Keep Spiders Out

Chemical treatment is often the only option to get spiders out of your home. This not only removes them but the bugs that they feed on. What do you do once they’re gone? How can you protect your home from anythat might be poisonous? Many of these solutions apply to bugs in general, but we’ll take a spider-centered approach.

1) Repair Any Cracks

Little cracks in your walls, windows, and doors are the most common ways spiders get into your home. Caulk is enough to prevent spiders from crawling in, but there are better options to use outside. Wherever possible, seal around the edges of pipes or wires that go into the house.

2) Reconsider Your Lighting

Spiders go where the food is. If there are bugs in your house, they will come to hunt them down. Most light bulbs attract bugs. If you have outdoor lighting, be sure to switch it off for most of the night. Security lights are another story, but you can opt for sodium vapor lights instead. These attract fewer insects and give them less reason to hang around.

3) Clean Your Plants

This is especially true of plants close to the house or windows. Spiders like to set up plants and use them as easy access to your windows. Regular trimming and grooming of your plants will cut down on the presence of these insects in your shrubs or bushes.

4) Oil Sprays

There are certain chemicals that these pests can’t tolerate. For example, you’ll rarely see spiders or other insects nesting in or around mint. Peppermint, tea tree and eucalyptus oil can all prevent spider incursions. Spray it liberally around the spots spiders are prone to gather as a part of your clean-up routine, and spiders will keep away.

5) Step Up Your Cleaning

Vacuuming, dusting, and tossing out leftovers are great methods of prey control. Mites feed young spiders, which prey on little flies attracted by leftover food. As they grow and get bigger, they need more and more food to survive. Removing this food from your home effectively removes the spider’s ability to live in your home.

Keeping out pests is a full-time job. However, by regularly maintaining your home, you give yourself the best odds of avoiding a pest problem. If you find that you need some help, it’s recommended to call the professionals. They can identify your home’s problem spots while removing pests. Pest control specialists will also empower you to make better pest control choices. This is one of the many reasons pest control is better than extermination when it comes to getting rid of spiders.

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