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Welcome to Consolidated Lawn Care & Pest Control!

At Consolidated Pest Control, we pride ourselves in offering professional service with tangible lawn results. Our team of dedicated professionals have been serving our local families since 1989 with several custom tailored services to make sure your home and yard is green and pest free.

Why do we call ourselves Consolidated Pest Control? Our industry leading Total Home Protection Plan is designed to consolidate all of your services and save you money. This plan prevents pests from entering your home, protects your home from damaging termites and gives you a healthy green lawn and landscape.

How We Serve You


Our perimeter home pest control treatment is done on a quarterly basis, and with it we can stop insects before they ever get inside your home. We treat the outside perimeter walls, around the foundation, under the eaves, around windows, door jambs and any other openings that pests may use to enter your home, preventing them from ever becoming a problem.


We use a product called Termidor to eliminate termite colonies and protect your home. This is the most technologically advanced and effective subterranean termite control product in the industry because of its unique ability to adhere to exposed insects and transfer it back to the rest of the colony.

Lawn Spraying & Fertilization

We offer lawn spraying services provided on a monthly basis that keep your lawn green and healthy. Our fertilization services replenish the nutrients that are lost naturally over time, and make sure that your lawn is the showpiece of the neighborhood.

For more information about how we can help you solve your pest and lawn problems, please reach out to us. We would be thrilled at the opportunity to serve you.

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