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This might be the first time you’ve had a summer like this – Maybe it’s been ongoing, and you’re finally sick of it. Whatever the case, you’ve finally had enough. Your home is crawling with insects, and you can’t seem to figure out why there are so many bugs. What’s going on? The good news is you’re probably not cursed. Insects are very small, and your home is plenty large for them. Does this sound like you? Are there creepy, long-legged spiders hanging in every corner? Do you have little flies buzzing around your lights? It might not be your fault – And there are definitely ways to fight the problem.

Don’t Let Them Freeload

Bugs seem to like safety and comfort just like any other critter, and if your home provides them with ample undisturbed shelter, food, and moisture, you can bet they’ll move right in. This goes double if you have any tiny gaps in your front door, in the screens, or even in the siding on your house. You’re practically rolling out the red carpet for them! Seal up any cracks and little holes you might have. Caulk them up or repair what you can. Weatherstripping around the door will not only keep out bugs but will prevent cold drafts from driving up your heating bill.

Stop the Dinner Service

You’re not the only one who sneaks into the kitchen for a midnight snack. Bugs are probably more at home here than anywhere else in the home – Except perhaps the basement or bathroom, thanks to all the dark and moisture that’s usually present in those places. Different kinds of bugs enjoy different snacks, too. Some go for obvious choices like exposed fruits and vegetables; others will wriggle their way into staple items like flour or pasta. If you have an ant problem, get rid of any drops of jelly or sugar, and if you’ve got Indianmeal moths, cover up any grains you might have. Make sure all your food is tightly sealed to prevent bugs from even smelling it – And as far as flour is concerned, did you know you can store it in the freezer?

Bugs also chase down pet food, so don’t let it sit in the bowl for too long. Toss it and give Rover something fresh before the flies dig in.

Keep on Cleaning!

An area that’s commonly frequented is an area that’s commonly disturbed. Bugs can’t stand that. They prefer for humans to leave them to their own devices without fear of someone killing them. If you’re regularly cleaning up, not only are you disturbing the bugs, but you’re busting up breeding grounds and maybe even scooping some eggs off of your tile. Additionally, getting rid of crumbs you can barely see robs them of important food sources, and reducing moisture makes it harder for them to breathe and occupy a space.

In Conclusion

Okay, maybe aiming to get rid of all of them is a little unrealistic, but you can bet that killing the ones you see will reduce their population by quite a bit. There are various traps you can build and buy, but if you want the surest way to reduce bugs in your home, don’t hesitate to call the professionals at Consolidated Pest Control. Pest control experts will be able to spot the places bugs are breeding and get rid of them so you can go back to enjoying your home undisturbed by unwelcome guests.

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