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Why Do Hurricanes Attract Termites?

Floridians are subject to lots of pests and dangers no matter what time of year it is. There’s no shortage of things that can threaten you and your household, from fire ants to termites. Near the top of this list is the hurricane season. Every single summer, we’re hit harder and harder by storms that get bigger and bigger. Do hurricanes attract termites? Such an idea seems silly; how could such little creatures have anything to do with such massive storms? In reality, the two go hand-in-hand, and every year massive levels of termite damage crop up right after the heaviest storms. They can’t say no to damp, damaged wood – And with their habitat so disturbed, they’re going to be out on the hunt for it!

As long-time professionals, we understand that both termites and hurricanes are major aggravating factors for homeowners and residents all over the state. In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about how termites go along with hurricane season.

Are They Dangerous?

Of the two most common kinds of termites we deal with in Florida – Subterranean termites and Formosan termites – Both of them are well known for swarming over moist wood, usually when it’s resting in the soil. Formosan termites are especially voracious and can use fallen wood, branches, or even a low patio to reach higher levels of your home. If there are a lot of storms, these termites can be encouraged to spread and spread rapidly.

There are two main things to be aware of during hurricane season: More wood on the soil and the damage termites can cause to both trees and structures.

Storms break branches off of trees, fling off loose shingles and siding, and in structures where water damage is present, there is even more wet wood laying around. Even termites that live underground may be coaxed up by smelling the wet wood and may work their way up to higher floors.

As they travel and dig their tunnels, they greatly weaken the structure of whatever they’re in. This means heavy tree limbs can be knocked down and smashed into your home. Can they knock over trees? When there’s a storm that hits a tree they’re inhabiting! Similarly, if termites weaken your home, they can fall over in those same heavy winds.

Can Termites Survive Hurricanes?

In short, yes. Like birds, squirrels, and automobiles, this insect can be displaced and moved about by a hurricane or strong storm. Subterranean colonies will likely drown where flooding is present. Studies have shown that this is among the greatest causes of death for these pesky insects. However, this will not completely kill a colony. The queen is often protected in air pockets, and alates (winged variants that can reproduce) will likely survive. Their numbers will be hurt but not broken. Those numbers will bounce back fast, too! The Formosan species is much better at surviving and relocating after a storm, meaning they will be on the hunt again.

How to Be Safe From Termites

After a hurricane, you’re probably not going to want to worry about termites of all things. But, the reality is you have to be at least aware of them. So, if you notice winged insects grouping together in or around your home – Don’t take chances. Termites are a problem that often requires professional help to prevent expensive and dangerous damage. Call us today and team up to protect and treat your property against termite invasions before, during, or after hurricane season!

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