One of the main issues with pests is that by the time you realize that they are there, it is not just a few bugs – it is an infestation. However, homeowners can do preemptive checks of their home in order to catch infestations early on. But how do you search a whole house top to bottom for pests? The short answer is that you can’t really. Luckily, there is a solution. Searching key points around your home where pests like to hide gives you an idea of what, if any, pest issues you have. This week join us as we explore the various nooks, crannies, and hideaways that pests just love in your home.


As nice as it would be to have perfectly aligned baseboards, most baseboards simply do not work that way. They might gap away from the floor or walls, the wood may warp, or the paint crack. No matter what the issue is, it makes a perfect hide hole for pests in your home. It is pretty easy to pull back a small area of baseboard, do a quick check and replace it.

Garage & Attic

While the garage and the attic are two very different spaces in the house, they have similar conditions that make them appealing to pests. The spaces are largely used for storage. This means that there are plenty of places to hide and make nests. Additionally, the garage and attic are rarely disturbed, maybe once or twice a year at most. Essentially, they are the perfect combination of space and isolation.

Under The Sinks – In The Kitchen & The Bathroom

Under your sinks in your bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry room are all perfect places for pests. The pipes ensure a pretty steady temperature in the small space, either heated or cooled. Additionally, those same pipes acts as an access point into the wall, and thus, the rest of your house. Pests are particularly likely if you have a leaky pipe. The pipe guarantees a water source to pests that is pretty darn healthy to drink out of.


Nothing attracts pests quite like food. Lucky for pests, humans have a tendency to put all of their food in one place. The average household pantry is basically a mecca to any groups of pests. They will chew through bags, boxes, and wrappers to get to what they want. Using air-tight food storage containers can help prevent the problem.


Many pests love to snack on textiles. The closet is basically the pantry of cloth-eating pests, especially if clothes are folded up on shelves for storage. It is extremely easy for a pest to get into a pile, chew it all up and leave again with the homeowner not noticing a thing the entire time.