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Where Can a Wasp Nest Hide?

It’s a little unnerving to think about, but hornets and wasps can build their nests just about anywhere – And they often do! Some species can dig holes in your garden and turn it into a minefield; some shoot for the trees – And they inhabit just about every space in between. Since you never know just when you’re going to stumble into an angry wasp nest, this increases their danger significantly! Outdoor furniture, cars, bicycles, gutters, and attics are all popular spots for wasp nests, but what can you do to be safe from these ever-present menaces?

How Do Wasps Choose a Spot to Nest?

In general, wasps are looking for certain things before they set up camp – And for anyone who’s shopped around for a home, it may sound familiar. Wasps want something that’s protected from the elements, safe from wind and rain, and out of the way of predators and large animals. They want a place that’s got quick passage to the outdoors and with water access. Usually, they find solace under tree canopies, walls, attics, overhangs, or – Like we mentioned – The fertile soil of your lawn. Once wasps locate a suitable environment, that’s about all they know! They don’t understand that you’ll need that old truck to get to work after your vacation or that they’ve just found your favorite outdoor recliner.

Don’t believe us? Here are some of the strangest spots where a wasp nest was discovered:

  • On a roofing ladder
  • In a car engine
  • Inside a girl’s dollhouse
  • A home jungle gym – Emphasis on the jungle!
  • Stuck under a car door opener
  • Hanging from a garage pull cord
  • In a watering can
  • In an old jacket!

If you can imagine yourself reaching for any of these innocent objects or places, you can imagine just how startling it would be to find yourself swarmed with wasps seconds after doing so. Luckily, most of the people who found these wasps hanging around in such weird places called the professionals right away – Which is what you should do the next time you encounter a wasp in a funny place.

How Can I Be Safe from Wasps?

The most important thing is awareness. Be aware of an increase of wasps around your property – Though wasps fly long distances in search of food, this is a sure sign that you’ve got a nest nearby, as they don’t tend to fly in groups. At least, not at first. How do wasps hunt and communicate? Mostly through scent and gestures with their wings. Wasps emit what is known as pheromones to attract other wasps when they find something of interest – Be it an enemy, a home, or a source of food.

When you notice an increase in wasps, do a careful check of your property to see if you can notice anywhere that they’re flying to. Don’t disturb or bother them! You can, and should, always call a professional to help you remove a wasp nest. Even if you’re not allergic to their stings, a large number of stings increases the amount of venom in your blood and can be very painful and dangerous. So what should you do if you see a wasp nest in a weird place? Give us a call! You can bet we’ll remove the nest quickly, safely, and effectively, so even the obscure parts of your home are safe and pest-free.

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