A high-pitched whine, followed, by a slight stinging sensation. Then, a slap. Anybody who is from Florida has head the term “mosquito magnet” before. A mosquito magnet is a person that seems to attract mosquitoes to them. This individual usually ends an evening outdoors covered in itchy red mosquito bites. Most of the indicators that attract mosquito are related to scent. This is because mosquitoes can smell their targets from 50 meters away.

Learn about who makes a perfect mosquito magnet and how you can try and avoid the swarm of biting pests.

  1. Your Breath

One of the reasons mosquitoes are drawn to people is found in a lesson from your elementary school biology class. Human lungs draw oxygen in and release carbon dioxide out. That is precisely what draws the mosquito in. Carbon dioxide pulls mosquitoes in, although scientists aren’t sure why. People on the heavier side and those who are pregnant tend to generate more carbon dioxide.

  1. Body Heat

Mosquito activity levels increase in the summer because they enjoy the heat immensely. The pests are also traditionally found in tropical and steamy climates, like Florida. However, they are not just drawn to environmental heat. Mosquitoes are drawn to people who have a higher body heat than others. Unfortunately, this also impacts pregnant people. Additionally, if someone is sick or getting sick, they’ll likely be warmer than usual, and thus vulnerable to mosquitoes.

  1. Alcohol

Scientists believe that mosquitoes can smell certain parts of our body composition. Substances that are near the surface of the skin are particularly easy to smell. One of these things that individuals actually have control over is the alcohol content. Humans sweat out excess alcohol through the skin. Mosquitoes are particularly drawn to the smell of alcohol because the scent is strong to them.

  1. Genetics

Studies have recently revealed that as much as 85% of what makes a mosquito magnet vulnerable is their genetics. However, this does not include the urban myth about mosquito magnets. There are rumors that mosquitoes are attracted to certain blood types over others, which is not true.

Scientists struggle to determine what exactly attracts mosquitoes. There are many studies running currently that are testing over 300 components of human DNA to see what attracts mosquitoes. Even with those studies, scientists have barely scratched the surface of human genetic testing for this instance.

  1. Exercising

Exercising during mosquito season is sure to make you a mosquito magnet. This is because as you exercise, you generate multiple conditions that attract mosquitoes.

  • Certain natural acids, such as lactic acids, attract mosquitoes.
  • Body heat increases due to activity.
  • More carbon dioxide is exhaled because of exertion.
  • Mosquitoes also love movement, and the more you move the more you attract. It is hard to imagine exercising without moving.