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What Are Mice Attracted To?

Mice and humans are more alike than you might expect. In general, humans and mice share 85% of their DNA. Some of our genes are even 99% identical! It should come as no surprise then that they need much of the same things we do. They seek out food, water, shelter, and even happiness. Mice enjoy comfortable places, and what could be more comfortable than your home? Mice are also frugal little creatures. They’re sneaky, and they don’t need a lot to stay alive.

Even if they don’t eat much and stay out of the way, they’re not good guests. These creatures can spread disease and cause significant damage. You don’t want them around – So what are some things you might be doing to attract them? What makes mice move into your home?


Mice are not very strong in a fight. Predators like cats, snakes, and even birds will swoop down and pluck them up. As such, mice gravitate towards areas with lots of cover. Stacks of wood, old cars, and open garages are perfect places for mice. It’s even better when there are messes in and around the debris. Do you ever stack old clothes and throw more clothes on top? Mice love you for it. A cluttered porch will do even better. They love warmth – And your home and business are very warm. Even offices are great for mice, and storage units can be heaven.

Cracks and Holes

Mice spend a lot of their day exploring, going wherever their nose leads. They’re instinctively prone to going in if they find a little nook or crevice. Do you have a hole leftover from some pesky woodpecker? How about that window screen that’s bent along the bottom? They can get into holes the size of a ball-point pen, and that’s no exaggeration. Any little gap can let them into your home. Ensure doors are flush and there are no neglected entry points in your home.


Naturally, mice are looking for food. If they smell cooking or even discarded food waste, they’ll try to get to it. This makes them a very serious pest for restaurants, which throw away and store lots of food. Mice prefer foods high in sugars – Like grain, bread, nuts, and fruit. All they need is an ounce of food or water a day, but they’ll happily eat more. They aren’t limited to things we find edible, though. Wires, plants, and paper products also stimulate their appetites.

The Bottom Line

You might be noticing a theme here. What attracts them? Everything in your home or business attracts mice. The trash you throw away, the food you make, the heat of your home… It’s all paradise for a family of these rodents. They will try to get in whenever they can. So what can you do? First, seal up your home, especially around the foundation and doors. You can remove clutter in the yard, tidy up the garage, and cut down on indoor clutter to limit their hiding spots. Even if your food is attractive to mice, they might think again if your home is less welcoming.

If you want to be sure that you aren’t ringing the dinner bell for hungry rodents this winter… Give us a call today. Consolidated Pest Control will make sure your property stays mouse-free.

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