We have gone from drought to flood back to drought then tropical storm. That’s Florida for you. Please be sure to set your timer back to 2 times per week. We recommend that your rain sensor should be inspected and working properly. If not please have it replaced . Our rainfall has not been consistent so some Lawns may experience some drought conditions even though we are getting Rain, some areas are not. We have been experiencing record-breaking high temperatures this summer. Which causes the turf to lose water in a couple days. This is especially true for full sun areas . It is very important to observe the need of the turf by examining if the soil is wet or dry. Just because it rained yesterday doesn’t mean the soil is still wet today. On the flip side of that areas in the shade or soil that holds water may not need irrigation. In order to have healthy turf it needs the proper amount of water. Too much can be a problem just like too little. We will always do the best we can for all of our lawns.
We appreciate your business and your cooperation in these matters. If you have any questions or need assistance with this please call us, we are glad to help.