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  • Pat, Valrico
    "I am a current customer of your lawn and shrub/landscape plants monthly fertilization. I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your service and products. Rodney is my specialist/technician and he has done an excellent job in keeping both my lawn and shrubs/landscape plants in wonderful condition. He's very conscientious, reliable, and knowledgeable. Thank all of you at Consolidated for a great job!"

    - Pat, Valrico

The Latest from the Pest Control Industry

Remove Wasp Nests the Safe Way

The risk of wasps swarming around your home increases once spring comes into effect. They are usually inactive during the winter months but once the sun starts shining down on them and those temperatures go up, then you’ll start to notice an increase in activity. A lot of the time, wasps love to build their nests […]

Signs that your Home Might be Infested by Wasps

Wasps are one of the worst infestations that you’ll ever have to deal with in your life. During summer, they can ruin your outdoor activities. They can also be the cause of hospital visits or worse. The problem is that sometimes these pests are sometimes hard to spot until it’s too late. It’s important that you […]

Getting Rid of a Wasp Infestation the Safe Way

Wasps are one of the most terrifying infestations imaginable, especially if you happen to be allergic to them. You should not take these aggressive insects lightly! There is a right way and a wrong way to deal with them. The trial and error approach is too dangerous for this type of pest because the error side […]

Taking the Sting out of Wasp Infestations

You probably want to avoid wasps. I mean, who wants to have the risk of stepping outside and getting stung? The problem is that you might be attracting these bugs without even realizing it. All it takes is one wasp to notice something attractive about your yard and they will all come rolling in to stay! […]

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