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  • John, Valrico
    "Enclosed is a copy of a letter from my homeowners association notifying me of my yards selection for “Best in Buckhorn, North” for the first quarter of this year. There is no monetary award, just public recognition by a sign placed in my yard. As YOU are a partner in my lawn care and maintenance, I wanted to share this recognition with you. Your efforts and conscientious work is greatly appreciated, thank you."

    - John, Valrico

The Latest from the Pest Control Industry

Pest Inspired Architecture

As the climate crisis pushes into emergency territory, many architects and engineers are taking steps to create greener buildings. What better source to draw inspiration from than nature? The critters that we consider pests have innovated and adapted to survive. It turns out that some of their innovations work well [...]

Termite Prevention Steps

What preemptive measures can you take to prevent termite damage to your house? Termite elimination is a two-part process: preventing termites from entering your home and treating known termite populations. In this article we are discussing some key strategies to help prevent termites from ravaging your home. Receiving scheduled, normally annual, termite inspections from a certified […]

Are Super Termites Coming to Hillsborough?

Recent articles have quoted pest experts and entomology professors about a very troubling development in our area. A breed of "super termite" is migrating northward from South Florida, and is slowly eating through everything in their path. This includes wood buildings, but more surprisingly, these termites can also eat through [...]

4 Termite Facts

With Spring just around the corner, we can expect to begin seeing pests as well. And among them, termites. While we see many different types of pests, termites may perhaps be the ones that tend to cause the most damage to both your home and property. In this article, we are going to review some little […]

Waging War Against Termites

Make no mistake, when you find signs that termites have taken up residence in your home then you are at war! You will need to attack this problem as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you risk thousands in damage to your most prized possession. I highly recommend that you hire a professional pest control expert to help […]

Most Effective Methods of Getting Rid of Termites

If you’re looking for a solution to your termite problems, then you have come to the right place. There is a point when every homeowner has to make tough decisions regarding their home. Termites tend to be the breaking point! Once you have seen signs of a termite infestation, then you know that it’s time to […]

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