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Falling Temperatures Create a Busy Season for Our Valrico Pest Control Team

It may still be plenty warm in our area, and that’s one of the things we love about living in Florida. While other areas of the country are already breaking out the sweaters, we’re still comfortable in short sleeves. In a matter of weeks, though, those temperatures will start to fall–especially overnight. Those cooler temps […]

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How to Pest-Proof Your House for Fall. Valrico Pest Control Can Help

We all look forward to Fall with pleasure at the cooler weather. We visualize a fire in the fireplace, snuggling in front of it with the family, and we smell the aromas of Fall in the pumpkin spice and the cinnamon and cloves. We gather potpourri in Fall colors, gather greens with which to decorate […]

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Valrico Pest Control: Controlling Spiders Both Indoors and Outdoors

As a homeowner, controlling all pests that may make their way into your home is important. After all, you should feel comfortable in your own space. This is why you should consider these tips for controlling spiders both indoors and outdoors to ensure that they do not invade the corners of your home: Vacuum All […]

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