We will be looking at the top 5 seasonal insects that usually start trying to sneak into our space during fall and winter. Just as we don’t like freezing outside in the cold rain and snow, bugs don’t either. They seek shelter from the weather and from the cold inside our homes and garages and sheds. They are a nuisance and scary, especially when you’re not expecting them. Read on to learn about seasonal insects and how they might impact you.


Now these (sometimes) little creatures are many people’s biggest fear. Even if it is they tiniest little nothing, but they aren’t out to get us. Most of these creatures are just looking for a safe spot to ride out the weather, a source of food and water, and a warm place to spend the winter. Despite their lack of concern for how we feel, none of us jump for joy when we open our pantry or our closet and find an eight-legged creature looking out at us. Experts say to ward them off and discourage them from settling in your home, remove webs as soon as you see them and turn off exterior lights at night. The lights attract bugs which will then attract spiders in search of food.


Given the appearance of centipedes, they are high on most people’s list of unwanted seasonal insects in their homes. Unfortunately, these 30-legged creatures are not bad to have around. They hunt other insects and spiders that, much like them, head indoors in sear of food, water, and warmth. To keep them out of your home, it is absolutely necessary to seal your home properly and avoid moisture build up.


If you have ever opened a box of old clothing and noticed holes all throughout the pieces you were storing, there is a chance you could have silverfish. These creatures are small, wingless bugs that are silver in color. They feed off of carbohydrates and simple sugars commonly found in natural fibers such as cotton, silk, and wood. These insects are attracted to moisture, which is why they are commonly seen in tubs or sinks. You can treat for silverfish with insecticides and you can treat their hideouts, such as storage boxes, cabinets, bathrooms, and basements.


The sound of chirping is always a sign that summer is coming to a close. They are wonderful to hear outside during a bonfire on wonderful fall night. Yet when crickets get inside our homes they quickly become annoying and they breed so fast. Species like the greenhouse camel crickets look for warm, dark, and wet spaces to mate and quickly take over basements and ground floors. A way to avoid them entering your home are sealing entry ways such as your front door, back door, and garage door where they could easily enter. If necessary, set nontoxic traps to catch the individuals that have penetrated your home’s entry points.

Stink Bugs

While people in 43 states have reported seeing these annoying creatures, but they are native to the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. They become active in the fall, exiting their outdoors habitats to seek shelter from the changing weather. Keep these pests out by sealing every point of entry to your home. These critters tend to cling to screens and curtains, so experts say rubbing these surfaces with a strong smelling dryer sheet can decrease your stink bug presence by up to 80%.