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    - Lesia, Valrico

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Florida Cockroaches: Everything You Never Wanted to Know

While a few species of roaches are common Florida cockroaches, there are over 70 species in the U.S.  Roaches range in color from brown to black and have long, flat bodies, six legs, and antennae.  Roaches have long wings, though many species are unable to fly.  The roaches found in [...]

Cockroaches and Asthma

Did you know that asthma and allergies have the potential to be easily triggered while inside your own home, than anywhere else? It can be a terrifying thought, that some of the most notoriously indestructible pests that feed off hot, humid misery may be in your home with you and setting off allergic reactions. Scary enough, […]

Top Five Interesting Facts About Cockroaches

We’re all guilty of shuddering when we think about cockroaches, and for good reason; but before pulling out your heaviest shoe to smash that six-legged intruder, here are the top five most interesting facts about him. 1. Cockroaches Are Older Than Dinosaurs During the time that life exploded from water on to land, there existed a […]

How the heck did these cockroaches get in here?

Another great question. Especially now. Rising from a night of sleep, you wander into the kitchen, turn on the light…and oh my, what are all these bugs doing all over my kitchen floor. They quickly scurry back to where they came from and in a few seconds the kitchen floor is back to its shiny old self. […]

My home is spotless; where did all these cockroaches come from? (Part 1)

Good question. Your home is spotless, hardly an attraction for a cockroach. Aren’t roaches usually associated with the worst possible living conditions? Where old stale pieces of bread are lying on the counter and the floor, where the sugar is left out, and last week’s dirty dishes are still in the sink. But your home is […]

Three Ways Cockroaches Are Bad for Your Health

Cockroaches are easily one of the worst pests to face in your home. They are commonly recognized as being extremely resilient, making them difficult to eliminate; Pest World reports that they can survive up to 10 days without their heads (dying only because they are not able to drink water), one month without food, and 40 minutes without breathing. […]

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