One of our major jobs here at Consolidated Pest Control is keeping lawns happy and healthy. The most fundamental part of a strong lawn is strong grass. In the tropical climate of Florida, it can be difficult to find something that not only survives, but thrives. Read on to learn all about ProVista by Scotts® and how it can improve your lawn. Thank you to the Turfgrass Producers of Florida for providing information that greatly helped this article.


ProVista has quite the distinguished history for a single type of turfgrass. It is a St. Augustine variation developed by Scotts Miracle-Gro over the course of 20 years of research.

St. Augustine is a specific turfgrass type that is very successful in Florida. Not only do St. Augustine variations exist well in sunlight, they also tolerate shade pretty well. Of all the St. Augustine types, one of the most popular is “Floratam”. Floratam has been around since its 1973 introduction. The variation gets its name from a combination of “Florida” and “TA&M”. This speaks to the origins of this plant at the University of Florida as well as Texas A&M.

Floratam is an ancestor of ProVista, and has leant its iconic thick and wide leaf blades to ProVista’s appearance. However, Scotts’ variation is more shade tolerant than its predecessors.

The Pros of ProVista™

1. Shade Tolerance

ProVista is both shade tolerant and thrives in the sun. This unusual combination means that Florida sun won’t kill it, but neither will establishing it under the big old oak in your yard. Other variations of St. Augustine grass struggle with lack of sunlight. However, Scott’s variation can handle any weather that Florida throws at it.

2. Weed Control

Unfortunately, many types of turfgrass are susceptible to herbicides that are designed to target weeds. A particular herbicide treatment called glyphosate is notorious for taking out turfgrass. On the other hand, there is good news! ProVista is glyphosate tolerant so homeowners can keep weeds under control. Not only does this improvement save owners from worrying about the turf, it also makes lawncare more efficient.

3. Easier Lawn Care

With increased shade tolerance and weed control, ProVista is much easier for homeowners to care for. The variation is highly uniform and largely without weeds, so consumers can put away their lawnmowers and weedwhackers. If the grass does require mowing, it is typically only half as much as other St. Augustine variations need.