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Protect Your Home From Termites

Termites are a serious threat to any home. They can eat away any wood materials inside a home. This can create expensive damage and destroy the structural integrity of the home. All of this damage can be done without the homeowner ever knowing until it is too late. It is important to have a home inspected regularly for termites. This allows a homeowner to take steps to remove these pests before too much damage can occur. However, prevention is the best method for protecting the home from these nuisances. There are some steps any homeowner can take to make the home a little less inviting for termites.

Block entry

Termites can make entry into the home through even the smallest of gaps. Taking steps to seal areas around water and gas lines can help minimize their ability to access the home. In addition, reduce any wood to soil contact around the home. This can attract termites in the ground to feed on the home.

Don’t feed the termites

Many homes use mulch to create beautiful landscapes and flower beds around their homes. Unfortunately, this mulch can be a great source of food for termites. The best option is to either keep the mulch at least six inches from the home’s foundation or choose a mulch that does not contain cellulose.

Keep the home dry

It is important to keep the area around and inside the home dry to prevent termites from accessing this area. Taking steps to keep water from pooling around the foundation or leaking into the basement can help keep termites to a minimum.


A home should be inspected every year by a professional. However, intermittent inspections by the homeowner can help identify problems in between those inspections. Walking around the foundation of the home and identifying any changes in the home or ground around the home can help protect the home.

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