There are certain less common places that bed bugs like to hide. Based on their name, you would be right to assume that bed bugs are commonly found in beds. Indeed, that is one of the most common places that bed bugs are found. But there are many other places around the house that bed bugs can thrive. So, if you have recently discovered bed bugs in your bed, we recommend you also check these other places that bed bugs like to hide in order to truly get rid of them once and for all.

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small reddish-brown insects that feed on blood, most often at night. They can live up to a full year without eating. They are very small, only about four to five mm in length. Bed bugs, contrary to popular opinion, are not actually drawn to people by poor hygiene. In fact, what they are drawn to most is simply carbon dioxide. Your home can become infested in a variety of ways. These include on clothing or luggage, through infested furniture, or via wild animals that may have gotten into your home. They also come from other people who visit your home and are unwittingly carrying bed bugs on them. They are increasingly found in airplanes.

Where Are They Hiding?

As previously stated, there are many places around your home that bed bugs could be lingering. After working to rid them from your bed and its linens, check these items as well.


Bed bugs are known to lurk in dark places and in fabrics, so the lining of a purse is an ideal spot. If you place your purse on the ground of near furniture, you can give bed bugs an open opportunity to climb in and make themselves at home.

Stuffed Animals

If you child has a habit of taking their favorite stuffed animal out and about with them and just setting them down anywhere, then conditions are right for bed bugs to hitch a ride into your home. If this happens, place all the stuffed animals in the washing machine and run the hottest cycle you can to get rid of the bugs.

Fluorescent Light Bulbs

If you still have fluorescent light bulbs in your house, this could be another place where bed bugs hide. Though they do tend to prefer darkness, something about fluorescent lights seems to draw them in. Just be cautious checking around electrical equipment in your bug hunt.

School Buses

Much like lice, if one student has bed bugs and rides the school bus, there is good chance that many other students will suddenly be fighting off these vampiric insects before long. Be sure to check backpacks and school clothes. Washing both in a hot water cycle will help to get rid of them.


With the abundance of people and soft surfaces on airplanes (aisle runners, cloth seats, airport carpeting) there is no shortage of bed bugs in the skies. This makes is crucial for you to vacuum out your luggage as soon as you get home to avoid an infestation.