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New Year Pest Checklist

Well, you made it – Another year underway! Another Holiday season is behind you, and now it’s time to clean up and get ready for the rest of the year. Did you have living trees or wreaths for Christmas? How about poinsettias? If you did, don’t keep them around for long – Bugs will occupy these plants in no time. In fact, if you bought a live tree, it may already have your average insectile pest inside it. These will become more active in the warmer months. But alright – How else can pests sneak in during the Holidays? This pest checklist will cover some important things to control as we move on to 2022.

1) Is Your Clutter Tossed Out?

Why wait for spring cleaning to get started on downsizing? So many people shove junk into a storage room or garage during the winter. You’re giving bugs and pests places to live and hide if you do. So instead, throw out things you don’t need, and downsize where you can.

2) Is Your Weather Stripping Intact?

This is especially true if you’ve had lots of company moving in and out. Your weather stripping, baseboards, and other seals around the house may have worn down. Your guests may have knocked some aside. Double-check to make sure there are no entrances for mice or other pests.

3) Have You Seen Any Bugs Inside?

If you have good weather stripping and a sealed home, you could still bring pests indoors. Pests can hitch rides on plants, in luggage, or on clothing. Bed bugs are notorious hitch-hikers – Do a thorough inspection top to bottom for bug problems. Indian meal moths are another big contender. Check along the ceilings for small greenish caterpillars.

4) Have You Vacuumed Recently?

Small pests collect in strange places, including your drapes and carpets. Vacuum near floorboards and under appliances to disturb nests. To prevent pests, you have to think like a pest. Once you’ve made sure your home is pest-free, the final step is very important. While you’re vacuuming, put in a few outlet covers. These make it harder for insects to move through your home.

5) Pest Checklist Final: Are You Ready For Summer?

Even though winter is just getting started, this is the best time to prepare for the warm months. Don’t just check the weather stripping – Check your foundation wall. Seal it up if you have to – Ants love using this entrance into your home. Liquid cement and caulk are effective means to seal up your foundation. If you have an especially wet winter, keep running regular mouse checks.

Even if you don’t have a mouse problem laying out traps is an essential part of control. Mousetraps that you inspect regularly will help you spot mice early. There is one more step to ensuring your home is ready for the new year, though. Have your home inspected by one of our pest control specialists – We have the skills you need to identify any weak spots in your home. Successful pest management is a multi-level process, and we’ll help you every step of the way.

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