You know it’s spring when all of the “snow birds” are flying North, and all of the familiar insects and pests are coming out of hiding to remind us they haven’t left.

Though the number one pest during Florida’s warmer months is no doubt mosquitoes, many other friends of ours can also find their way into our homes, and make life rather unpleasant.

Here are several insects that will make you pick up the phone and contact your local pest control service.


We’d like to say these little guys are misunderstood because they are serving a purpose, but the truth is that they really don’t… other than to make our lives miserable.

Everyday, many hundreds of thousands of mosquitoes are born, meaning that they are an inescapable pest no matter where you are. They feed on animals and humans alike, which is the cause of many transferable blood borne diseases, making them not only a nuisance, but also a threat.

But no all hope is lost. A quality pest control service can help rid you of this problem, making backyard barbecues much more tolerable.

Stinging Insects

A natural predator to many living things, yellow jackets, hornets, and wasps make up a considerable amount of pest control service calls during spring.

They often take up residence in places that they are unwelcome, like roofs and attics, and while they aren’t always aggressive, they are if any attempt is made to remove them.

For this reason, it is recommended that homeowners call a pest control service for nest removal. It is very dangerous to remove hives without proper equipment and training.


Our homes are the targets of ants looking for a food source, especially sweet foods that have been dropped on the ground. A single ant colony near your home can allocate thousands of ants inside, rendering common household sprays useless.

A similar problem exists for carpenter ants, which aim to eat your house instead of your food. What’s more, these little pests build nests inside the walls of your home, making remediation even more difficult. If left alone, carpenter ants can cause thousands of dollars of damage to the structure they have moved in to.

If you see any of these types of pests in or around your central Florida home, it’s time to take action. Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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