Most Riverview residents are not nuts about nutsedge. And our Consolidated Pest Control pros in Plant City don’t blame them. It’s a weed that’s known to show up in Hillsborough County garden beds and lawns. Good thing Riverview residents can rely on our pros to eradicate the pesky plants on a routine basis.

Although there are many different types of nutsedges in the world, Riverview and the surrounding communities are prone to being invaded by two distinct plants. Know as yellow and purple nutsedges, they are perennials with their own distinct characteristics. Their names provide dead giveaways to their coloring.

The yellow variety tends to be the taller of the two herbaceous weeds, reaching heights of 2.5-inches. It features brown-yellow seeds and 7/16-inch wide leaves that end in narrow, sharp points. The purple variety tends to stop growing at 1.5-inches tall and sports ¼-inch wide leaves that end in pointed, boat shape tips. Both do very well in the conditions inherently found throughout Hillsborough County and beyond.

Thus, getting rid of nutsedge in Riverview and the surrounding areas requires a sharp eye and serious dedication to the cause. One of the methods our lawn care experts suggest is the use of weed control products. There are various weed control products on the market today that tend to be effective and efficient at controlling both forms of nutsedge living in Hillsborough County. Among them are herbicides like the following:

  • Strongarm and Roundup
  • Dual Magnum and Envoke
  • Basagram and Suprent
  • Pennant and Image

Using commercial herbicides are not the only way Riverview residents may cleanse their lawns and gardens of nutsedge. Adopting an aggressive weed-pulling and aeration routine can be beneficial for both lawn and garden applications. Mulching flower beds as needed and planting certain vegetables that will help keep the weeds from taking hold is a great idea too. Examples include sweet potatoes and bush beans.

To ask questions and make an appointment to have our Consolidated Pest Control pros rid Riverview lawns of nutsedge, please contact us online or by phone (813.986.3341).

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