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Lawn Treatment – The Grass Really is Greener on Your Side

With an environmentally friendly, effective treatment like Hydretain, you can prevent drought stress and conserve water resources while allowing your lawn to live its best life.

Drought stress occurs when soil does not retain moisture well. Without enough water particles near the ground-sky interface, grass roots will shrivel because they need adequate moisture nearby to entice them to grow deeper into the ground. When a dry, hard-packed lawn suffering from drought does get water, the water often pools on the surface before seeping through the dry topsoil. Over saturation rots grass stems and can damage a lawn just as effectively as a complete lack of water. When the water finally penetrates the soil, it quickly bypasses the critical zone that plant roots can access and enters the groundwater table; far below and out of reach.

Some areas of a lawn are particularly vulnerable to drought stress, as well as wilting, browning, and other associated damage. These include patches of grass with prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or growing in sandy soils. All lawns are vulnerable to drought stress during conditions of water scarcity, which we deal with all throughout spring and summer in Florida.

With Hydretain, your lawn does not have to be defenseless as drought season approaches. Hydretain coats grass roots with a molecule that attracts and holds on to water that would otherwise drain quickly through the topsoil. Drawn to the Hydretain, water stays in small reservoirs near treated roots, allowing this grass to access water for a longer period of time and incentivizing healthy root growth. The dual functions of attraction and retention are crucial in maximizing the exposure that grass roots have to their lifeblood, water.

Diligent watering is an important part of lawn care, but even biweekly saturation will not guarantee a lush green backdrop to your home. The amount of water your lawn requires simply may not be available. Untreated lawns require twice as much water as a lawn which has been treated with Hydretain. Reducing a lawn’s water requirements by half conserves water resources in a drought or during water restricted conditions without sacrificing the natural aesthetics of a healthy lawn. If that’s not being a good neighbor, I don’t know what is!

To find out more about Hydretain and how you can make the most out of your water, contact us today!