Nothing is worse than trying to enjoy outdoor time in your yard and getting attacked by pests. Florida in particular is known for its ability to harbor some critters that are dangerous as well as irritating. This leaves many homeowners asking, “How do I protect my family and home from pests?” While pest prevention tactics in the home are great ideas, only focusing on home leaves a gap in your defenses. Shrubs, trees, grass, and other plants close to your home harbor plenty of potential pest invasions.

Get Rid Of Standing Water

Standing water attracts a few different pests, but the mosquito is the worst of the bunch. As little as a bottle cap full of water is enough to draw mosquitoes. However, some of the biggest water draws are the most unexpected. Bird baths are a huge culprit, as well as water build up in clogged gutters.

Eliminate Or Move Bug Magnets 

Nearly anything stinky or smelly is a huge draw to pests. The best option to avoid issues is to keep those things on the edge of your property. Make sure that they are away from your home and areas where people spend a lot of time in your yard. This is particularly important for things like the compost heap and trash cans. Animal waste is a huge draw for rodents, so the best option is to bag and collect the waste for disposal.

Keep Food Covered

It is no secret that pests love food. However, it is important to note that even little crumbs of food draw in hungry critters. Of particular importance is covering up outside food, like steaks on the grill.

Attract Predators

If homeowners build houses for birds and bats, those houses attract natural predators. Those birds and bats swoop up dangerous and annoying bugs.


Citronella scents repel pests, particularly mosquitos. It can be found in candles, sprays, and even bracelets. Citronella candles are likely the least invasive option for most homeowners. Set them around the edges of the space where people are hanging out for an invisible anti-pest fence.

Keep The Yard Tidy

The untidier a lawn is, the more bugs can hide out in it. One of the best ways to ensure tidiness is through regular mowing and edging. In addition to keeping the lawn trimmed, homeowners should also ensure that hedges are trimmed and trees cut back away from the house. Additionally, remove all of the debris and clutter from the yard so pests don’t have a place to hide.

Hire A Professional Lawn Care Service

A professional lawn care service has the experience and knowledge to get rid of even the most stubborn of infestations. Lawn spraying is what keeps lawns lush, green, and healthy.