While you might not see much pests in winter, they are still there. Rodents and squirrels might also find a safe home somewhere and not disturb you. This doesn’t mean that you should leave it at that and not take any measures. You should always look for pest control measures so that you don’t have problems later on. However, before you try hiring a pest control service, you should know how the weather affects the pests.

Cold Weather

Insects are cold blooded, but rodents like mice are warm-blooded. So, insects can adapt to the outside temperature. This is why you might see a lot of bugs even in the cold weather. On the other hand, rodents are warm-blooded, and that means they cannot adapt to the external temperature. This is why in winter, you will find that rodents tend to stay indoors, or find a way into your house and not leave.

However, there are exceptions to every law, and you might find most of the bugs in your house in summer or warm weather. Some like the Monarch butterfly can be seen only in the summers because they don’t like cold weather.


Well, this is the time where you will find most pests and insects in your home. Just before summer, all the pests come back from their hibernation. As the temperature increases so will the pests. Moreover, the spring rains might bring you relief, but they would also bring out the ants from their nests.


This is the season when you find most pests and rodents coming out of their nests or shelters. That is why you experience the most problems during this time. Mosquitoes are generally a problem during summers because they thrive in the heat and moist conditions. You should take steps to make sure that there are no unclean areas in your house, where the mosquitoes can hatch their eggs.

This is also the season of diseases, as when you move outdoors, you can suffer from bug bites and other rodent related problems. However, taking proper precautions and making sure that you use pest removal services will keep you safe.


Lastly, the Fall is the season before the winter, and you might see a reduction in the number of pests during this season. This is because they prepare themselves for the upcoming season and make sure that they have shelter.

Just like the pests thrive in some weather, the diseases caused by these also can be found only in some specific weathers. In order to make sure that your house is disease free, you need to make it pest free first. If you are experiencing any pest problems, it is always prudent to seek professional pest control problems.

While keeping your house clean and trying DIY methods might look like a short term solution, you need to make sure that you have professional help when you are looking for an effective and long term solution. Are you looking for pest control services? Try out Consolidated Pest Control today.