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How to Protect Fruit Trees from Birds

Florida is a great place to grow fruit trees. Many homeowners in Florida have at least one fruit-bearing tree on their property. Whether the trees are decorative, shade trees, or indeed used for their fruit, you should keep them in good shape. The growing of fruit trees can be rewarding for a variety of reasons. The flowers that grow tend to be gorgeous, and the trees add value to your home. However, no matter what kind of tree you’re growing, you should know how to protect it. You might not think about some pests when it comes to your fruit trees, though. This article will teach you how to protect your trees from local birds.

Why Do Birds Attack My Fruit Trees?

Probably for the same reasons you might – They’re hungry! Many birds want nothing to do with ripe, grown fruits. So if you see more songbirds than usual in your trees, it might seem like a welcome visit… But be sure you keep an eye on them. Many birds will eat budding leaves and flowers before they have a chance to grow.

Beneath are the top five ways to protect trees from birds.

Install a Bird Bath

One of the reasons birds seek out fruit is its high water content. When clean freshwater sources aren’t available, birds will get their daily water from their diet. By installing a birdbath – Preferably in a location removed from your fruit trees – You can redirect thirsty birds. Birdbaths are cheap, easy solutions to help cut down on birds seeking your trees on hot days.

Feed Birds Somewhere Else

In addition to being thirsty, birds will also go for fruit if they’re hungry. That makes sense, right? Birds that eat buds and seeds would rather eat seeds that are easy to get to… Without the husks and leaves to bite around. So by providing seed feeders, most birds will leave the fruit alone and go for the easier food source.

Install Bird Netting in Fruit Trees

By making it harder for birds to get at the budding fruit on your trees, you encourage them to look for food elsewhere. That makes sense, right? Bird netting draped over the top of your tree and tied under the canopy makes it hard for birds to land. When they can’t get a comfortable perch, they can’t eat.

Bird Scares that Work

If you’re trying to keep birds away from your trees, scaring them away can be helpful. Reflective bird scare tape can confuse birds who aren’t used to it, as can other reflective objects. Some people try old CDs and DVDs, or hand mirrors. One especially effective bird scare is the model predator. Owl decoys placed near trees will also discourage birds. Reflective wind chimes work like scare tape and keep birds alert with sounds.

Keep Changing Your Methods

It would help if you didn’t leave netting up all year. Birds will get used to it eventually. Put it up when your flowers are blooming, and take it down after harvest. The same goes for reflective scares. Windmills and sonic devices have the same issue – While they can confuse birds for a while, they get used to them eventually. Changing where you put a predator decoy each day keeps birds guessing.

While birds aren’t usually considered pests, that doesn’t mean they can’t become pesky. The Consolidated Pest Control website has more tips for keeping your property healthy. If you have a pest problem, don’t hesitate to call.

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