Good question. Your home is spotless, hardly an attraction for a cockroach. Aren’t roaches usually associated with the worst possible living conditions? Where old stale pieces of bread are lying on the counter and the floor, where the sugar is left out, and last week’s dirty dishes are still in the sink. But your home is not like that. Your home is spotless and could be featured in Better Homes and Gardens. So where did all these cockroaches come from? That’s what you want to know and that’s what we intend to share. But first, let’s review a few known facts about roaches.

Cockroaches thrive in dark, dank, warm, and tight environments. Such as sewers, plumbing, and under your range or refrigerator. As the roach population increases, you will start seeing them lurking in the hinges of your pantry cupboards and occasionally you’ll see them poking their distorted faces out from a small crack or hole in the wall. You might be talking on the phone and have one crawl out from the receiver and across your hand. They oftentimes find their way to other electrical devices, such as the PC, television, cell phone, and if you were to remove the cover from any electrical outlet in your home, expect to find them hiding there also. Electrical devices and their power source provide the much-needed warmth that comes from electricity. On rare occasion, you may even see one fly across your living room while you’re eating your breakfast. Many cockroaches come with wings but not all cockroaches fly. The ones that do aren’t very good at it.

The following article will discuss some of the methods that a roach uses to enter your home and believe it or not, they were probably happy where they were at but somehow got themselves attached to you or something you brought into your home and BINGO! you’ve got your very own roach farm. Before that happens, call Consolidated Pest Control at 813-986-3341.  You can also use this convenient link to set up an appointment for a free inspection.