Another great question. Especially now. Rising from a night of sleep, you wander into the kitchen, turn on the light…and oh my, what are all these bugs doing all over my kitchen floor. They quickly scurry back to where they came from and in a few seconds the kitchen floor is back to its shiny old self. You’re still half-asleep and quite uncertain if you saw what you thought you saw.

And then, as if Florida didn’t have enough pests to control, along comes the paleboarded field cockroach. In an article written July 3, 2015, in the Tampa Bay Times, scientist, Marc C. Minno while organizing some files in the summer of 2015, saw something strange fall out of one of the folders. “Minno pinned it to a board and started researching what he’d stumbled across. He learned that what he’d found is a fairly new species to Florida, which is already infested with more invasive species than any other state.” The pale-boarded roach is native to Costa Rica and Mexico and recently seen in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Alabama. It is true that not all cockroaches are pests. The good roaches, the ones that stay outdoors and away from your food, assist in the decomposition process. The roach Minno found prefers the outdoors. But how in the heck did all those roaches invade your home?

  • By hitchhiking in a bag of groceries
  • Remember that recent cruise? You said bon voyage and the roaches said ahoy as they hopped into your luggage
  • Maybe one or two came from shopping at the farmer’s market
  • How often do you dine out? It is possible to unwittingly pick up an undesirable passenger
  • Do you have any wood stacked up against your home?
  • Do you live in a condo or an apartment complex where roaches can travel to and fro from one apartment to the other

Yes, sanitation is the number one tool for controlling pests, especially cockroaches. If you see one roach in your home, you’ve got a problem. If the roaches are not professionally exterminated in a timely manner your once spotless home will eventually become that what you do not want it to become: a dark, dank, warm, unsanitized home for roaches.

Don’t let a cockroach infestation – no matter how big or small – ruin your day. Even if you’ve seen only one roach and you somehow manage to step on it don’t assume you’re not going to see any more roaches. Where there is smoke there is fire. Call Consolidated Pest Control at 813-986-3341 and we’ll send over one of our pest control specialists to inspect your home and put together an action plan to eliminate your roaches. Even one roach is one too many. You can also use this convenient link to set up an appointment for a free inspection.