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Do’s and Don’ts with German Roaches

  • DO store human food and pet food inside air-tight containers or the refrigerator.
  • DON’T leave trash, food waste, or other garbage inside or uncovered for too long. Our goal is to eliminate food sources.
  • DO clean and dry counter, sinks, and cover drains to eliminate potential water sources.
  • DON’T forget to wipe up crumbs and spills on countertops, in cabinets, on shelves, and on floors, including toaster, microwave and other counter top cooking appliances as well as wash and dry dirty dishes daily.
  • DO get in the habit of cleaning and decluttering regularly.
  • DO use glue board traps and COMBAT “bait stations” from local grocery if you want to do extra yourself.
  • DON’T use RAID or spray insecticide near any bait locations or glue boards.
  • DON’T store items in cardboard boxes.
  • DON’T neglect to vacuum up food morsels, dead roaches and hard-to-see egg cases.
  • DO be patient. Solving this problem usually takes 3 monthly treatments and could be longer depending on severity of pest population and cooperation of resident.
  • DO your part. Yes, cleanliness does play a part in helping to prevent pests, but cockroaches can be found anywhere – even the cleanest of homes.
  • DO allow your pest control provider to do their part and follow this advice and you can cross German roaches off your list of worries.

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