While a few species of roaches are common Florida cockroaches, there are over 70 species in the U.S.  Roaches range in color from brown to black and have long, flat bodies, six legs, and antennae.  Roaches have long wings, though many species are unable to fly.  The roaches found in Florida often live in or around wood, cardboard, and humid environments.  Some species of cockroaches have also been linked to illnesses including cholera, dysentery, and typhoid fever. Learn everything you never wanted to know about Florida cockroaches.

German Cockroaches

This species find their way into homes and buildings by riding in bags, on furniture, or in suitcases or shipping boxes.  They are relatively small and grows to .5 inch. German Cockroaches are usually black when they are young and become light brown as an adult.  They are most active at night.  They are commonly found indoors and around warm, humid, or tropical areas. In fact, this species loves to be around warm appliances or water sources.  When you see one of these cockroaches, there are probably many more hiding nearby.  In fact, female cockroaches lay 30-40 eggs each time they reproduce, and they can reproduce 4-6 times in their lifetime.

American Cockroach

American Cockroaches are often referred to as Palmetto Bugs. They are particularly large, growing to 3 inches in length.  This species is reddish-brown and has black markings along with yellowish circles behind the head.  These cockroaches live in warm, humid climates. They are especially fond of water sources, and they are very active at night.  American Cockroaches are not only particularly large, but they can fly. For this author, that makes them especially menacing.

Smokybrown Cockroach

The Smokybrown Cockroach can grow to 1.5 inches and is dark mahogany in color.  Like the German Cockroach, these pests commonly live in humid, warm climates and are active at night. Smokybrown Cockroaches tend to eat decaying matter, especially wood. They often enter your home by hitching a ride on firewood. This species is also capable of flying, and they are attracted to light. These also tend to avoid areas of ventilation so as to stave off dehydration. Typically, they are found in areas of decay like wood or leaf piles, or in old mulch. They also find refuge in garbage cans or pet food containers.

Asian Cockroach

These cockroaches are dark red, dark brown, or sometimes black.  While the Asian Cockroach lives in warm, moist conditions, they are usually found outside.  This species is attracted to light and is found near lights, screens, and around gardens. They are particularly good at adapting to various environments. Like the smokybrown, Asian cockroaches are also commonly found in woodpiles and mulched areas. They are most active at sundown, though they may take flight during the day if disturbed. They are attracted to light-colored surfaces and brightly lit areas.