Do It Yourself Roach Killers

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests we get called out for. And it’s no wonder – Roaches are one of Florida’s most pervasive pests. As many as a third of all Floridians will experience at least one infestation annually, so we have information here for prospective roach killers. Our climate in Hillsborough County is almost fine-tuned to give roaches everything they need to thrive. As a result, our cockroaches can be fearless. They dart into plain sight and fuss around the kitchen as they own it.

If you don’t act fast, they really might! Are there any home solutions for a roach infestation? In this article, we’ll go over your options.

How to Make Sticky Roach Traps

The life of a cockroach is mainly spent foraging for food. They might seem clever and hard to kill – And they are – But they don’t have much going on in their heads. If it’s edible and they can get to it, they’ll try to eat it. Sticky tape placed sticky side up can be an effective trap if you bait it with something roaches love. Like many pests, cockroaches can’t resist peanut butter.

They smell decaying fats and seek them out, getting stuck on the tape.

However, these traps wear out quickly and can only catch so many roaches. They can make an excellent additional measure of protection as you treat your home in other ways. Please place them in cupboards and along walls.

How to Make Poison Roach Bait

While the sticky tape traps need replacement very often, you can easily make large batches of poison at once. Poison is only as attractive as the bait you offer, though. Cockroaches love the smell of decaying onions. If they can find a source of onions, they’ll go for them above many other food sources.

You can take advantage of this by filling a bottle cap with diced onions mixed with boric acid and other household ingredients. Here’s the recipe:

  • 7 ounces/200g boric acid
  • one medium onion – You can use dried onion flakes soaked in water overnight, too
  • 1 cup of flour
  • 1/4 tsp of salt
  • Around 7 Tbsp of milk

Chop the onion or gather your rehydrated onion flakes. Mix the ingredients in a small bowl, and add in milk until it becomes doughy. Roll the dough into quarter-inch balls and set them to dry on a wax cookie sheet. Put them behind fridges, dishwashers, or in the back of cupboards. Roaches will carry pieces of the bait back home and poison even more insects.

Any Other Options for Roach Killers?

You can invest in food-grade diatomaceous earth to kill roaches, too. It isn’t a poison – It’s pretty safe. Diatomaceous earth is essentially ground up, tiny sea shells. The shards are so sharp that when an insect walks over them, the chips get between their joints and bleed out. They die soon after.

The problem with these home remedies is that they usually only add a solution on top of the remaining issues. You can set out baits, but without removing other food sources, you won’t get every roach. The biggest problem with the DIY approach is that you won’t get every insect. For a roach infestation of any size, you must get professional help.

Get in touch with Consolidated Pest Control today. You’ll be glad you did.

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