Until a horde of fleas invades your home, there is no way to know how useless many DIY products are. And frankly, when those tiny, biting insects leap on your ankles, the last thing you want to do is experiment with over-the-counter products; you want an effective solution – and fast!

Fleas catch you off guard when they turn to you and your family for a meal. They may come from an untreated pet, but they can just as easily arrive thanks to infested animals that live near your home. Fleas instinctively seek the mammal meal they need to keep reproducing – and reproduction is their specialty.

In the midst of a flea invasion, the term “flea bomb” doubtless will surface; maybe you remember someone saying they had to “bomb” their house to get rid of fleas. Well, don’t let these persistent parasites steer you to what seem like quick solutions. Often, retail flea bombs do little to address a flea issue, and they often delay the real help needed to stave off serious infestations.

If you already took basic measures to address fleas – such as washing pet bedding in hot, soapy water, treating pets for fleas, and thoroughly vacuuming carpets and furniture – and you’re still suffering the telltale, itchy, red bites, it’s time to turn to a professional flea exterminator.

The advantage with a professional is that staff are trained in the correct and safe use of chemicals. Exterminators know exactly how much treatment your home needs, and they can tell you exactly what to do in your battle with blood-hungry fleas. Not only will a professional take steps to use the minimum amount of pesticides, you’ll save on the cost of ineffective remedies that litter many a hardware store shelf.

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