Can I Ignore a Mouse

We hear some pretty crazy stuff in this business. A nest of bees hiding in an old jacket? Sure, that’s pretty ordinary. Termites falling out of the ceiling? Well, if you’ve got a big population, that can happen. But one of the craziest things we hear all too often involves people finding mice. Unfortunately, you often get somebody who thinks it’s safe to ignore a mouse if they’re somewhere out of the way. This happens way more than we’d like to admit, and the problem seems to be one of awareness. People don’t know the dangers that mice and rodents present to their health and property.

Today, we’d like to answer a common question. Can you ignore a mouse in your house? Absolutely not.

It’s Never Just One Mouse

You know what a mouse is – You know it’s a small critter. You’re undoubtedly aware of how easy it is for them to sneak inside your home. If a mouse is trying to get into your home, it’ll usually get in. If one mouse finds its way in, so will others. Mice leave scents behind that attract other mice to help them find each other. Once mice are inside, they will get to work making more mice. There’s no way to stop them other than getting rid of the mice.

Once mice are inside, they are going to cause damage. They are going to spread germs. They are going to poop everywhere. Getting rid of them later will be much more difficult than stopping them early. Mice populations explode – They breed up to 7 times a year, and they can produce seven offspring each time. Just four mice can become nearly 100 in a year! That 100 can turn into almost 5000. Imagine that, four mice exploding into thousands in two short years.

Mice Cause Damage

Never ignore a mouse. If mice are in your attic, crawl space, or walls, they’re chewing. They chew to keep their teeth healthy and to make nests. They will rip through insulation and use it for nesting material. They poop and pee everywhere, being incontinent animals. Making holes in the outside can invite water damage into your home. That’s to say nothing of the many diseases they can bring inside.

Signs of Mouse Infestation

You can see other telltale signs of a mouse presence in your home short of seeing mice themselves. Droppings – Like little brown or black rice grains – Are one of the clearest indicators. You’ll find these in cabinets, along the edges of walls, and under furniture. Mice also tear up insulation, fabric, pillows… So you may find bits of fluff near holes in the wall.

Another indicator of mice is empty packs of food that have been bitten into. As we mentioned earlier, mice have very strong teeth. With enough work, they can even get into plastic containers. You may see mouse holes, too. However, most mouse holes are tiny, unlike the classic Tom and Jerry look. Mice can squeeze through holes no bigger around than a pen. You may also hear scratching in the walls or tiny thumps as they run around.

What Should I Do?

If you suspect you have mice, don’t hesitate to fix the problem. You can learn more about the dangers and solutions to a mouse infestation on our website. However, what you’ll want to do is get professional help. Mice are no slouch when it comes to causing trouble, and they can evade traps pretty well. So don’t play around if you suspect a mouse presence, and definitely don’t “live and let live.” Call Consolidated Pest Control today.

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