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Eliminate Pests from Winter Homes

Many snowbirds return to their winter homes in Florida after the holidays have passed. Unfortunately, they often find that pests have taken advantage of their unguarded houses while they were still up north. Mice, palmetto bugs, and other unwanted guests soon make themselves known to the humans once the lights go on and food is restocked.

If you’re a snowbird, you’ll often find that it’s a good idea to call for Brandon pest control soon after you come back to the area. By eliminating non-human squatters from your property right away, you’ll keep them from using your food and heat to become even more established. You’ll also be able to enjoy your winter home without worrying about whether you’re sharing it with mice, roaches, or even termites.

Since Florida is home to many pests that come in from the outside, a good pest control program for Brandon includes barrier sprays as well as baits. Barrier sprays will deter palmetto bugs, wood roaches, slugs, ants, and other local nasties from trying to get in. These sprays will also kill the ones that try to cross them, so there’s no need to worry about the ones that choose to be stubborn.

Of course, outdoor sprays don’t get rid of pests that have already come inside. For them, we use programs that include both baits and sprays. Which specific methods will be used depend on the pests involved. When we need to treat interior areas, we make sure to use as little pesticide as possible to get the job done. This clears out the pests while ensuring that the home is still enjoyable for the humans who live there.

Once we eliminate your current pest problem, we suggest that you set up a contract for us to do barrier spraying during the next summer. This will help ensure that your home will be pest-free when you return once again. To learn more about our ongoing pest control programs, just contact us. We’ll be glad to discuss your needs and design programs that work with your schedule.