As a homeowner in Brandon, Florida, you know the damage that rodents and other pests can do to your house. However, they don’t stop there. Cinch bugs, grubs, and sod web are just some of the insects that can do incredible damage to your lawn. These pests are common throughout Florida. Unfortunately, homeowners often don’t recognize that the brown patches on their lawn or areas of thinning grass are caused by these types of pests. They mistake it for another issue and treat the problem incorrectly. As a top-rated Brandon pest control company, we have the necessary equipment and experience to rid your lawn of these critters.

Our Integrated Pest Management System

Consolidated Pest Control recommends monthly treatments to keep your lawn in optimal health. We use an Integrated Pest Management System every time we fertilize your lawn. We spray pesticides as a preventive measure using this system only when your lawn needs it. During seasons of peak insect activity, we use a time-release fertilizer to ensure that your grass gets the nutrients it needs to look healthy. By visiting your home every month, we can take a proactive approach to treating insect and other problems before they destroy your lawn.

You Won’t Regret Your Commitment to Lawn Care

Living in Florida, we have the opportunity to be outdoors all year long. Having a luscious green lawn at your home adds to that enjoyment, but most people don’t have the time to make that happen. Our company employs highly qualified lawn and pest control technicians that are available to do the work for you.

We encourage you to contact us to request a quote or ask more questions about our lawn care service. Consolidated Pest Control also offers programs for termite control, in-home pest control, and rodent control. You work hard to provide your family with a nice home in Brandon, Florida. We work hard to ensure that unwanted pests don’t destroy it.

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