When you’re traveling then you are going to be at the mercy of your hotel room so it’s important that you be diligent. Most bed bug infestations are started by individuals who are traveling. According to experts, 68% of hotel rooms that are inspected test positive for bed bugs.

So we’re going to look at several tips that you can follow to ensure that you are not bringing these pasts home with you!

Sleep Tight and Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite

When you are sleeping away from your home, then you need to understand that bed bugs absolutely love hotel rooms. They can spread their infestation to other homes while thriving in the environment that a hotel offers them. So take a few additional steps to ensure that you do not bring these bugs home with you.

  • Wash all clothing before bringing it back into your home.
  • Leave suitcase outside for a day or two before bringing it back into your home. You can thoroughly vacuum it if you’re unable to leave it outside.

Store Luggage in the Bathroom

This is the least likely place to find bed bugs so you should store your luggage in here until you are confident that the room is not infested. These bugs do not like tile floors. They prefer to be close to their feeding ground – which happens to be the place where people sleep.

Check for Infestations

Here are some steps to check for a bed bug infestation while you are staying at a hotel:

  • Check all around the mattress, under the mattress, and behind the headboard for places where bed bugs could potentially hide.
  • Check for blood stains or tiny black dots that look like black pepper. Bed bugs look a lot like grains of black pepper.
  • If you find signs of bed bugs, then you should contact the hotel staff immediately. If they refuse to help, then you should find a new room.

Search Immediate Areas Around Bed

Once your inspection of the bed is finished, you can move onto the area immediately surrounding it. This includes behind picture frames, under the phone, and even in the drawers where books are stored. Studies have shown that the majority of bed bugs are found within 15 feet of a bed so this area should get the most attention.

Wrap your Suitcase in Plastic

Even though I have recommended that you store your suitcase in the bathroom, it doesn’t hurt to be extra careful. If you want to lower the risk of bringing bed bugs home even further, then consider investing in luggage bags that are specifically designed for this purpose. I’ve personally seen some people travel with garbage bags wrapped around their suitcases! This precaution will make sure that you are not transmitting bed bugs from other areas too. For instance, these pests can jump from another person’s luggage to yours in the cargo hold of an airplane.

Above all else, don’t let the idea of bed bugs keep you from enjoying your vacation. Sure, they can be quite annoying but as long as you follow through with these simple tips, then they won’t become a problem.


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