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Plants That Attract Bugs

Nature is filled with "good bugs", crawling and flying creatures whose diet consists mainly of the pests that ravage garden plants. Here is a list of those good bugs and the plants that attract bugs. Intersperse these plants among the "problem pest areas" in your yard. Remember, though: Many chemical [...]

Diabolical Ironclad Beetle

There has been the discovery of a beetle that has one of the hardest shells of any insect. Scientists call them the diabolical ironclad beetle or the blue death-feigning beetle. Phloeodes diabolicus has one of the toughest natural exoskeletons scientists have ever seen. According to research from the journal Nature, [...]

Afraid of Bugs? Read This!

Being afraid of bugs is quite a common thing. Not everyone realizes that there are so many different types though. Did you know there are at least eleven different common types of insect phobias? Here we will discuss a few of those and how they affect people. Common Insect Phobias [...]

Valentine’s Day for Bugs

Have you been bitten by the love bug? That’s pretty common around Valentine’s Day, and not to be confused with the lovebug, a black-bodied insect, with a reddish-orange thorax that’s known to copulate in midair. Those lovebugs are not native to New York. They come from Central America and the American Gulf [...]

Proper Termite Control

It is said that two of Christopher of Columbus' ships became so infested with termites that they sank during his final expedition. Termites are one of the most destructive insect pests of the entire world, with the Formosan termite along causing a third of the damage that is caused by [...]

History of Pest Control

As long as we know, there have been pests. They have always disrupted our picnics and been found in our kitchen. Pests have tormented humans from time immemorial. Ever since humans started farming, pests have been a danger to the crops. That’s when humans started devising a way to repel [...]

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