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Why You Are Still Seeing Ants

Sometimes it seems like no matter what you do, you are still seeing ants in your home. These tiny little creatures are so innocuous from afar, but when they are in your home, they are anything but. Short of barricading the doors and sealing off all possible entry points, there [...]

Fact or Fiction: Pest Control Edition

In this article, we break down fact or fiction: pest control edition. Since the dawn of time people have been looking for ways to deal with pesky critters. Over many generations much advice has been passed down on how to keep annoying vermin at bay. Some of this advice is [...]

How You Could Be Attracting Termites Without Knowing

As a general rule, termites will build their colonies in, around, or near a food source. If you take away the food source the colony will move on or die. Since their food source is soft or decaying wood, your home could be a potential safe haven for termite colonies. [...]

Common Florida Snakes & How to Deal with Them

Florida, temperate to subtropical climate, is a unique environment in the United States. With that comes a variety of different species of native wildlife. There are many different types of snakes that call Florida home, the majority of which are reassuringly non-venomous. In fact, most snake breeds are far more [...]

Pest Proof Your Home for the Holidays

The holidays are by no means a stress-free time. Even this year when most people’s holiday plans are pared down to the bare minimum, there is still meticulous planning and coordinating that must happen. No one wants to add more stress during and after the holidays, especially the stress of [...]

Less Common Places Bed Bugs Like to Hide

There are certain less common places that bed bugs like to hide. Based on their name, you would be right to assume that bed bugs are commonly found in beds. Indeed, that is one of the most common places that bed bugs are found. But there are many other places [...]

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