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  • Linda, Tampa
    “You guys are the best! Thanks to Robert who always answers our pleas for help. He is quick to respond and does a fantastic job on our lawn & shrubs. We are often told our yard always looks fabulous. And a special thanks to Margaret too, she is the most pleasant person to talk to on the phone!”

    - Linda, Tampa

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What Makes Someone A Mosquito Magnet?

A high-pitched whine, followed, by a slight stinging sensation. Then, a slap. Anybody who is from Florida has head the term “mosquito magnet” before. A mosquito magnet is a person that seems to attract mosquitoes to them. This individual usually ends an evening outdoors covered in itchy red mosquito bites. [...]

Hurricane Season Means Mosquito Season

During hurricane season, Floridians face many risks. People stock up on batteries, water, and gasoline, while nailing plywood over windows. An unexpected threat, however, can come in the form of mosquitoes. Read on to learn why mosquito populations spike around extreme weather and how to help prevent the pests around [...]

Florida Ants – Macabre Interior Decorators

Floridians are lucky enough to live in a state that hosts some of the world’s best beaches and tourism icons, such as Disney World. However, the tropical climate, coupled with the wide variety of ecosystems means that the state is also plagued by pests. Ants are such an issue that [...]

Top Mosquito Cities In The United States

It is common knowledge that Florida is home to a whole host of pests. Perhaps the most stereotypical one is the mosquito. Terminix used their data from across the United States to determine the top mosquito cities. Unsurprisingly, Florida was on the list quite a few times. This week, we [...]

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