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  • Linda, Tampa
    “You guys are the best! Thanks to Robert who always answers our pleas for help. He is quick to respond and does a fantastic job on our lawn & shrubs. We are often told our yard always looks fabulous. And a special thanks to Margaret too, she is the most pleasant person to talk to on the phone!”

    - Linda, Tampa

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Common Attic Pests

One of the noises that can make a homeowner’s stomach sink is the sound of scurrying up in the attic space. That movement indicates that something has taken hold in the attic and getting pests out of the attic is no easy task. This week, we are enumerating the most [...]

Places In Your House Where Bugs Love To Hide

One of the main issues with pests is that by the time you realize that they are there, it is not just a few bugs – it is an infestation. However, homeowners can do preemptive checks of their home in order to catch infestations early on. But how do you [...]

Common Garden Pests

Home gardens are an amazing addition to many households. Whether it is a large garden or not, it is bound to draw in pests. Some pests steal the food out of a garden, while others simply damage or kill the plants. This week we are exploring some of the most [...]

Keeping Bugs Out Of Your Yard

Nothing is worse than trying to enjoy outdoor time in your yard and getting attacked by pests. Florida in particular is known for its ability to harbor some critters that are dangerous as well as irritating. This leaves many homeowners asking, “How do I protect my family and home from [...]

House Centipedes Are A Potential Warning Sign

House centipedes are a very peculiar little bug. Most people don’t even know whether or not house centipedes actually qualify as a pest or not. This week, we are exploring what exactly a house centipede is. Additionally, we will be reviewing why this little critter is a potential warning sign [...]

Mouse vs. Mosquito: Disney’s Mosquito Surveillance Program

Florida, thanks to its many swamps and humid climate, is known for its mosquitoes. However, Florida’s most famous tourist attraction, Disney World, is mosquito free. How do they do it? Some might say it’s a part of the Disney magic. In reality, there is a dedicated team of people that [...]

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