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  • Pat, Valrico
    "I am a current customer of your lawn and shrub/landscape plants monthly fertilization. I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your service and products. Rodney is my specialist/technician and he has done an excellent job in keeping both my lawn and shrubs/landscape plants in wonderful condition. He's very conscientious, reliable, and knowledgeable. Thank all of you at Consolidated for a great job!"

    - Pat, Valrico

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Bug Names: How We Determine Them

If you are anything like us, you may find yourself wondering things like why ladybugs are called ladybugs when they are not all ladies. In other words, how do we determine bug names? There are many insects out there with unique monikers, and sometimes the story behind those names is [...]

Mosquito Bite Facts

Spring has sprung, which means warmer weather and more time spent outside. Of course, Spring also brings with it an increase in the insect population. And more time outside means more chances for those insects to bite. Mosquitoes are one of the most common complaints that pest control companies receive. [...]

Easy Soil Chemistry

When starting a new garden, testing the soil chemistry is an integral part of the process. Most plants will shy away from acidic soil, but it can be daunting to try figuring this out if you've never done it before. Luckily there are simple ways to test your soil chemistry [...]

Centipedes: Invasions and Prevention

The common centipedes that invade most homes are many-legged insects with a nasty bite that prey on household pests. Despite their usefulness, most have a defensive streak that makes them occasionally bite humans - while not dangerous; it is usually somewhat painful. These hunting insects are generally solitary predators. They [...]

Adjusting pH in Your Garden

Most gardeners know that healthy plants require healthy soil that tends to be in the neutral range on the pH scale. However, where some gardeners stumble is what can be done about soil that is either too acidic or alkaline. Soil with a pH of less than 6 is too [...]

Winter Pest Prevention

After fall’s more mild conditions give way to the winter months, we’re not the only ones seeking to bundle up. During this period of November rains and December frost, most pests push within our homes to nest. Homeowners need to be observant to catch these problem pests and remove them [...]

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