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  • Jim, Brandon
    "Ya'll do a wonderful job. You do what you say you will do. I have had many lawn companies... some have fired me and I have fired some. My lawn has never looked better."

    - Jim, Brandon

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Mice In The White House

The White House is one of the most famous homes in America – it is also over two centuries old. As with any old house, it faces a lot of pest problems. Citizens’ tax dollars go toward keeping up the Executive Mansion, but it is simply too big and too [...]

Sugar Trap: Leftover Halloween Candy And Pests

As bags of candy get bigger every Halloween, the amount of leftover candy increases. This leftover candy can be a huge draw for all sorts of household pests, especially insects such as ants. Sweet and sugary candy, be it chocolate or gummies, is a lovely feast for the pests that [...]

Florida Ants – Macabre Interior Decorators

Floridians are lucky enough to live in a state that hosts some of the world’s best beaches and tourism icons, such as Disney World. However, the tropical climate, coupled with the wide variety of ecosystems means that the state is also plagued by pests. Ants are such an issue that [...]

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