Have you ever woken up in the morning to find a tipped over trashcan with its contents splayed all over your deck, driveway, or yard? This can be one of the more annoying events in your day, however, it can be prevented. Other instances of critter encroachment may include attic dwelling raccoons, veggie-eating bandits, and pond swiping swindlers. In this article, we are discussing 3 ways to prevent raccoons from ruining your day.

Secure your garbage bin

First things first, and that is to make sure any garbage bins you keep outdoors are tightly shut so that nothing can get in and, if it’s knocked over, it won’t be easily opened. If raccoons are undeterred by these efforts and continue to give you issues, then there are additional deterrents you can use. Such as applying additional weight to the lids of your garbage bins, and occasionally cleaning out your bigs to remove any smells that have settled in the bottoms.

Pick Up All Food

Always be wary when feeding any of your outdoor pets, ensure your pets consume the entire amount you provide and clean up any leftovers and the food bowl. In some cases, you may need to monitor your pets during each feeding.

Use extreme caution when raccoons are seen during the daytime. As they are naturally nocturnal, activity during the day is not normal and they may need to be removed by a professional.

If you see a raccoon displaying an odd sense of fearlessness or appear to be drunk with glazed over eyes, then they are most likely suffering from rabies or distemper. In these cases, it is best to never approach them and to call professional wildlife pest control or animal control immediately.

Protect Both Gardens And Ponds

Raccoons are well known lovers of water foods such as clams, crawdads, and fish, so it’s no wonder that yards fitted with exotic koi ponds are frequently visited by these critters. If you know there are raccoons in your area, you may consider installing an electric fence around your pond to keep them out, and your fish safe.

In instances where you have a vegetable garden, the fence may be your best bet at preventing raccoons from dropping by for a quick snack. There are still a few things you can do to make it less attractive if you’re not interested in the implementation of a fence.

Pick fruits and veggies as they ripen, and don’t allow them to overripen on the vine. Additionally, pick up anything that falls to the ground. Building a raised garden offers immense satisfaction and looks great on your deck with the added benefit of protecting your veggies from critter thievery.

Hire A Professional

 If you’re experiencing a raccoon problem, whether they are consistently getting into your garbage, or have taken up residence in your attic, be sure to give our professional team at Consolidated Pest Solutions a call. We take care of more than just your yard and insect infestations. We handle the local wildlife as well so you don’t have to. With our relocation sources, we can guarantee that all animals removed from your property will not be harmed and will be rehomed in a safer and more welcoming environment where they will not pose a risk for themselves or people.

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