Falling Temperatures Create a Busy Season for Our Valrico Pest Control Team

It may still be plenty warm in our area, and that’s one of the things we love about living in Florida. While other areas of the country are already breaking out the sweaters, we’re still comfortable in short sleeves. In a matter of weeks, though, those temperatures will start to fall–especially overnight. Those cooler temps […]

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Tampa Residents Beware; Summer is the Season for Ground Pearl Activity

Did you know that there are pearls in this world that no human loves or wants? It’s true. They’re called Ground Pearl, and if your Tampa lawn becomes overrun with them this summer, you’ll quickly learn why they are among the most despised turf pests on the planet. Here’s a quick look at what you and […]

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Warmer Weather Brings the Need for Proactive Pest Control

When the warmth of spring hits and breeding gets into full motion, termites can become a difficult issue to navigate for both homeowners and business owners.  It is imperative to have an annual and complete pest control inspection completed. These tiny bugs are known as “silent destroyers” and can eat through wood, flooring, and even wallpaper faster than […]

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